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The global specialist in onsite gas generating systems

Paris France - NOVAIR Groupe headquarters are located in the greater Paris, France region

About NOVAIR Groupe

  • NOVAIR is the world’s leading manufacturer of oxygen and nitrogen generators, with distribution networks, partnerships, and customer medical and industrial gas generator installation sites that span the globe. With more than 45 years of presence on the market, NOVAIR’s expertise is recognized internationally. We design, tailor, and manufacture complex systems adapted to the technical, economic, and environmental constraints of each of our clients.

Today, the group has several subsidiaries throughout the world, including:

  • NOVAIR NOXERIOR GAS SYSTEMS: Italian-based specialist in on-site production of nitrogen and oxygen by generators (modular PSA and membrane technologies), recognized for its expertise in complex engineering projects.
  • NOVAIR Gaz Industriels France: Located near Paris, manufactures the full range of air, oxygen, and nitrogen onsite production solutions.
  • NOVAIR USA: American manufacturer of oxygen and nitrogen generators, as well as medical air and vacuum equipment, based in the Buffalo, New York area.

There are several ‘brands’ of equipment associated with NOVAIR Groupe including:

  • OxyPlus
  • Oxypure V-PSA
  • OxySwing
  • NitroSwing
  • ModulO2
  • ModulN2
  • Noxerior
  • Pharmagas
  • Orlane
  • Oxycheck
  • Medgas Flow
  • OGSI – Oxygen Generating Systems Intl.
  • MOGS
  • America Energy

…and even more not listed here, along with more on the way.


Why choose NOVAIR onsite solutions?

Innovative economical approach

For professionals willing to do the right thing for their employee’s safety and overall bottom line, NOVAIR solutions mean no more heavy bottles to handle or worker’s comp risks, no more fear of explosion due storage of large quantities of dangerous gas, no more logistical nightmares due to late delivery of liquid oxygen or nitrogen, and the feeling knowing you will never run out of gas supply–with cost savings and a big return on investment.

Planet-friendly solution

The environmental impact of lines of idling trucks delivering cylinder after cylinder of oxygen or nitrogen is a terrible carbon-negative burden on the planet. With NOVAIR onsite generators, there are no more truck rotations and no sources of polluting emissions. Eliminating delivery is good for the planet and good for your company’s balance sheet. NOVAIR solutions mean you only need use an inexhaustible supply of air plus electricity to become your own eco-friendly oxygen or nitrogen supplier.

novair lowprice
Reduce Costs

By producing nitrogen / oxygen onsite, you eliminate external supply contracts, changing transportation costs, as well as leasing and a host of other fees.

novair no fire
Increased Safety

No more storage of high pressure cylinders or cryogenic gas that is highly combustible, such as oxygen. Get the safe solution that won’t blow up your operations.

End Supply Fears

Your generator provides an unlimited quantity of on-site nitrogen or oxygen 24×7, on demand as needed, so there is never fear about supply.

No Logistics Woes

Save time avoiding recurring logistics procedures like costly orders, deliveries, invoices, stock management, everything using valuable resources.

ECO responsable novair
Help the Planet

No more of polluting trucks comings and going. Our solution uses only air and low amounts of electricity to keep you in supply of oxygen or nitrogen 24×7.

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