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Onsite Oxygen Generator Use in Biogas Production

Solving the Hydrogen Sulfide Problem

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During the biogas process, unwanted hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is present and must be removed from the biogas. A simple, yet effective method to remove H2S is to introduce gaseous oxygen into the biogas fermenter. The oxygen is injected into the space above the liquid in the fermenter, where the oxygen will react with the hydrogen sulphide.

Biogas is a valuable renewable energy source, but the presence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) can make it less desirable. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to this problem – the use of onsite oxygen generators. NOVAIR onsite modular oxygen generators can provide the necessary oxygen for H2S removal during the biogas production process. Here are some benefits of using onsite oxygen generators in biogas production:

  • Cost savings: By producing oxygen onsite, you can avoid the cost of transporting and storing oxygen cylinders or bulk liquid oxygen.
  • Improved safety: Onsite oxygen generators eliminate the need for handling and storing hazardous oxygen cylinders.
  • Increased efficiency: Onsite oxygen generators can provide a constant supply of oxygen, ensuring that the H2S removal process is always running at optimal levels.
  • Environmentally friendly: Using onsite oxygen generators reduces the carbon footprint associated with the transportation and storage of oxygen cylinders or bulk liquid oxygen.

In addition to H2S removal, onsite oxygen generators can also be used for other applications in biogas production, such as aeration and mixing. By providing a reliable and cost-effective source of oxygen, NOVAIR onsite modular oxygen generators can help biogas producers maximize their efficiency and profitability.


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