The Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGS) Can Be Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

NOVAIR USA Mobile Oxygen Generating System with Cylinder Filling Plant MOGScfp - MOGS-Can Be Tailored
Don’t think the MOGSCFP will quite work for you…we’ll make it work!

NOVAIR’s Mobile Oxygen Generating System with Cylinder Filling Plant (MOGSCFP) can be tailored in ways to fit your needs. We have created specialized attachments to steady the MOGS for use on ships, have worked to formulate unique cascade systems, and have even added numerous components to make sure the MOGS can operate in extreme conditions.


Just let us know how we can tailor the MOGS to meet your needs. Contact us and tell us all about it.

Disclaimer: MOGSCFP is not FDA cleared for direct connection to a facility oxygen delivery system. MOGSCFP is designed for cylinder filling purposes only and patient safety related to the oxygen produced is the full responsibility of the entity producing and using the oxygen for medical purposes. Operators of a MOGSCFP are wholly accountable for registration as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and performing necessary quality and safety testing related to those guidelines. NOVAIR may assist customers in set-up and operation of our equipment, but such assistance does not constitute a guarantee of safety and performance related to medical use of the oxygen generated. For guidance, please visit the FDA website here.

Get the MOGScfp Tailored To the Way You Like
The MOGS is already versatile, movable, and fits through a regular door frame, but we realize you might need even more. We'll find a way to fit the MOGS into your situation.
Talk to Us
Tell us about your specific situation and we will guide you through the possibilities so that you are soon producing your own cost-saving oxygen onsite.
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