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NOVAIR Air Pump System for Medical and Industrial Applications

Expert in compressed gases since 1977, NOVAIR Industries offers complete solutions for the production of compressed air, meeting the needs of the most demanding industries.

Perfect for the Healthcare Industry

Air pumping can be used in healthcare and industry for a variety of applications.


NOVAIR air units are medical devices that are designed to the highest standard. Please contact us for more information.

Oil free available upon request

Our technical department can help you to define the configuration and model of air medical station the most adapted to your needs.

We are always happy to design tailored stations to meet specific issues of our customers; contact us for more.

Types and Features

Industrial Air Compressors


  • Multiple Oil less scrolls compressor system.
  • Low pressure and high pressure scroll option.
  • ODP motors mounted over slide bases to allow easy belt tension adjustment.
  • OSHA approved totally enclosed belt guard.
  • Aluminum body & internal special coating.
  • Integral fan for maximum cooling.
  • 7” Touch screen HMI.


  • Oil less scroll pump design.
  • Very low noise & extremely low vibration.
  • Aluminum body & internal special coating.
  • Integral fan for maximum cooling.
  • 10,000 hour bearing & seal maintenance.
  • Single or multiple scroll units of 5, 7.5, and 10 hp. (Or 3.7, 5.5, and 7.5 kW).
  • UL control panel.
  • Made in USA.


  • Oil-injected screw air-end.
  • Extremely low noise & vibration.
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Poly-V belt driven (B type) or Direct- driven (D type).
  • High efficiency IE3 electric motors.
  • Total function control through a user-friendly electronic HMI.
  • Reduce the energy consumption and component wear using Star-Delta.
  • Soft start motor for the standard models & variable frequency driver for VF models.


All NOVAIR air stations are composed of :

  • a single, double, triple and even quadruple air production in accordance with the configuration required and local standards
  • a control box ensuring also the regulation alarm reporting and management.
  • a compressed air receiver
  • a single or double refrigeration or adsorption air treatment chain
  • a medical air receiver “homogenizer”


In order to meet the majority technical and economic constraints, NOVAIR offers compressed air units that implement the most efficient compression technologies :

    • Lubricated screw
    • Dry or lubricated piston
    • Spiral, oil free compression
    • Thermal mobile compressor

Compression Technologies

Lubricated screw
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We also design tailored systems to meet specific needs to our customers. 

Our technical department is at your disposal to help you define the configuration and model of the specific air compression station that is most suitable for your healthcare facility.

Find out how NOVAIR can help your business