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Oxygen Generators in Trailers and Containers - Bring the ultimate 24x7 oxygen-making machine right to where it's needed most!

NOVAIR USA - Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGScfp) in a Mobile Trailer - Blue

Get a MOGSCFP or tailor-made oxygen generating system installed in a mobile trailer or container with a generator and bring oxygen-making capability to the heart of any emergency.

Fully Mobile Solution

The NOVAIR Mobile Oxygen Generating System or MOGS, (available in MOGS-20, MOGS-50 and MOGS-100 models), has been designed to produce oxygen on-site and fill high pressure cylinders (up to 2200 psi) or to supply oxygen directly at up to 70 psi. This system uses oil-free air compressors and modular oxygen generators for redundancy and reliability.

certified medical-grade oxygen

The system produces medical grade oxygen in accordance with the US Pharmacopeia specifications. There is a continuous gas quality monitoring system included with automatic shutdown if a fault occurs.

patented system

NOVAIR’s MOGS line of oxygen generators works well for a range of needs, including in firefighting, emergency, ambulance, EMS, disaster preparedness, medical applications and more.

Features and Advantages


Ultimate Mobility - Oxygen Anywhere

  • In the hills, in the woods, if you can drive it in…you can have oxygen where and when you need it.
  • Complete closed systems equipped with their own generators. 
  • Units are available in trailers, ISO containers, carts, and pods.
  • Up to 10 large “H” cylinders mounted inside can form a cascade system so that plentiful oxygen is always on hand.

Disaster Preparedness

  • In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, first responders/EMTs need oxygen immediately. NOVAIR has developed mobile units that can be deployed and generate medical grade oxygen on-site. This critical equipment providing the ability to fill your own cylinders provides flexibility during an emergency.
  • By making oxygen and filling cylinders at your site the uncertainty and logistics of delivered oxygen supplies are eliminated.
  • With this system in place care providers are also assured that in the event of a disaster their oxygen supply chain will not be in jeopardy.


Key Features

  • Touchscreen operator interface panel
  • Mounted “H” sized cylinders on board
  • Sound attenuating enclosure with slam-action latches and lift-off hinges for filling D-sized oxygen bottles (MOGScfp-50 or 100 only)


  • Remote fill hose with up to 75 feet of high pressure 3000 psi hose for re-filling cylinders on ambulances without having to remove them

Target Customers

Typical customers for this system include anyone in the Emergency Medical Services industry (ex. Fire Stations, Ambulance Services) along with Hospitals, Clinics, Disaster Preparedness Shelters, Nursing Homes and Veterinary Centers.

Tornado, Hurricaine, Storm? Bring Oxygen to First Responders Even in a Mass Power Outage
With a NOVAIR MOGScfp or other cylinder filling system inside a mobile trailer with a mounted generator, you no longer need worry about failed oxygen delivery when it's needed most. Now get oxygen as close to the disaster area as possible with a NOVAIR TRAILER.
A Tailor-made Trailer For Use in Your Surrounding Area
Having a tailored oxygen generating system in a trailer means your organization or governmental entity can work with others in your region to make sure oxygen can be generated right onsite at the heart of any emergency--bettering your community while being best prepared for the next disaster.
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The perfect mobile solution for your organization. Be a leader with a TRAILER!


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